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Productivity tools can either help you or get in the way. Landkit aims to remove all barriers between you and just getting stuff done. Give us a try and we promise you won't regret it.

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Menor gasto energético

Con la implementación de nuestra tecnología

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Ahorro de energía

Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Landkit feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

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Optimización de la calefacción

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.

La tecnología que mejora el mundo.

Landkit is where your team can come together to get stuff done. Chat, files, wikis, documentation, and more.


Sin desperdiciar energía

Communicate with your team in public or private chats with individuals or groups.


Con materiales reciclables

Keep everything in one place and feel at peace and organized rather than scattered.


Tecnología responsable

Keep track of what's happening in your company from a centralized dashboard.



Control who has access to which projects and data through our control panel.

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El mundo que queremos dejar.

We've built well over a dozen Bootstrap themes and sold tens of thousands of copies.

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Bootstrap users since the beginning

We've been developing with Bootstrap since it was publicly released in 2011.

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Deep understanding of Bootstrap

We've watched Bootstrap grow up over the years and understand it better than almost anyone.


Nuestro compromiso en datos

We can help you solve company communication.